Get Loaded in the Park 2007

The Go! Team at GLITP

by Joanna Orland

Fabulous weather, great bands, awful smell. Get Loaded in the Park was a great day festival right in the heart of South London’s Clapham Common. Filled with many local Souf London crew, it was a great day to be out in the sun, drinking lager and listening to some choice bands!

M.I.A., MSTRKRFT, 2MANYDJS, Dirty Pretty Things, Art Brut, The Go! Team, The Streets and more performed for the eager crowd, with great sets put on by all the bands. Only a few notable problems went down… ok… only two problems… the first being that awful stench that kept appearing. Bits of the grounds smelled of sewage… and that’s being nice about it. The other problem which really was a problem for most bands was the sound. The sound systems were shiteous. Especially in the Futurism tent during MSTRKRFT’s set, the sound kept cutting out and then raising in volume. At one point i think i heard MSTRKRFT say that if the sound didn’t get turned up they were going to stop playing! The crowd was booing and then cheering when the sound went up a decibel, then booing again when it dropped to inaudible. DISGRACEFUL!

The main stage was def the best for sound, performances and avoiding overcrowded side stage tents. Fave performance was The Go! Team and their high energy set (and doesn’t that guy in the blue shirt look like Charlie from Lost?). Dirty Pretty Things also really put on a good show which surprised me as I wasn’t really feeling anything towards them as a band before catching them live.

Anyway, i could rant for hours and it’s way past my bed time. To sum it all up, great weather, great bands, shit sound and shit smell (literally). But overall worth it to see these bands playing full force on a lovely summer day.

Oh… and one more thing… Art Brut: Top of the Pops!

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