The Tacticians: Album launch party @ The Social


Features, Music, Review | by — September 6, 2007


by Joanna Orland

The Tacticians played an intimate fire hazard gig last week at The Social in celebration of the release of their debut album Some Kind of Urban Fulfillment. Fulfilling? Not really. They’re a tight band, but how many times have we seen the old generic indie band wearing skinny jeans and playing some moderately catchy tunes? They weren’t awful, I don’t mean to sound so harsh… but just a bit on the boring side.

Visually things were quite amusing. The singer looked strikingly like Erik Estrada and the bassist like Gordon Freeman from half life. AND the best / worst bit of the performance was that the door to the toilet was on stage right behind the drummer! Classy!

The band is actually pretty good live in a musicianship sort of way. And the groupies!!! My goodness they came out in droves.

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