These are the people who contribute to Loose Lips.  If you would like to be one of them, please get in touch.

Co-Founder, Producer, Editor, Overlord

Joanna Orland
Canadian.  Ginger.  Makes no apologies.

Co-Founder, Former Editor

Isla MC
Big Hair, Big Brains, Big Heart.



Breanne Woods


Alice Sanders
Alice Sanders is a freelance writer and improviser, specialising in loneliness, heartbreak, and murders.


Bernie Byrnes

Bernie likes the Arts, that is all.


Jenny Donoghue
Jenny is a writer actor comedian and life enthusiast currently on the lookout for the best pizza in London. Get in touch with any leads: @jennydonoghue


Jon Burns


Laura Patricia Jones
Six foot tall super model with long blonde hair and a six inch waist- also a compulsive liar- LPJ is a writer, feminist, theatre practitioner and part time attention seeking wine glugger. Big fan of banter cheese, gin and The Smiths. @L_P_J
Artistic Director of What Do You Expect? Theatre @WDYETheatre


Lewis Church
Lewis Church

Lewis is a london-based artist and writer. He is interested in the weird, rude and challenging.


Malin Arvidsson
Chocolate-loving Swede with the memory of a gold fish.


Marko Domazet
A Modern Day Blanche Deveraux.


Miss Wood
Knows Her Hummus.


Neil Bennett
Editor of Digital Arts magazine. Man about town. Music snob. Father.


Paul Foxcroft
Paul Foxcroft is a writer, liar and improviser who lives and works in London. He can be seen. He likes some of the things that you do, but you both differ in enough ways so it never gets stale. His facial hair is not real.


Richard Jones
Grumpy Old Man


Ruth Thomson

Maker of radio, watcher of films, eater of meat.


Sunny Pops
“You Don’t Just Go Around Stir-Frying People!”


Susanna R. Jones
Pint-sized TV Junkie and Video Maker.


Dr. Pop!
Purveyor of all things Pop. And good. And sometimes sort of listenable.

International Contributors

AffyFu, Toronto
Af is a freelance video/print editor.


Grace Hyde park
Canadian Batman, Toronto
It’s pretty safe here, so I mostly read.


Dani Aronson, New York City


Rowena Carter, Sydney, Melbourne
Where there is music, there is always something to say…