Anton Barbeau

*Anton Barbeau

by Joanna Orland

I think the English aren’t quite sure what to make of Anton Barbeau and his brand of ‘humourous’ folk rock. He has some catchy little tunes and bizarre lyrics to grab the audience’s attention, but the in-between-song banter left people a little unsure.

A great setting – very intimate and warm, perfect for an acoustic set – the Green Note in Camden was a perfect venue for Anton to showcase his work. If you’re unfamiliar with Anton as I was before the gig, he seems to be in the same circle as the quirky rock band Cake. His songs aren’t as in depth as Cake’s material, but very enjoyable and deserving of a giggle or two.

I think he’s the sort of musician that doesn’t fare well outside of his hometown, but nonethess, a solid musician with fun tunes to sing along to.


*Not really… It’s more of an artist’s interpretation.

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