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Interviews, Music | by — July 12, 2007

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Yes, he is winking at us by Joanna Orland & Isla MC I’m rather ashamed to admit it now that I’ve seen them in action, but I’d never heard of The Sounds before this year’s Roskilde festival. Well, someone’s been missing out because they’re pretty fucking cool. Hot front-woman Maja rocks the Annie Lennox-style androgyny […]

Roskilde Festival 2007

From Roskilde, with Love Mud Roskilde, Denmark by Joanna Orland We survived the torrential downpour, the pools of mud and the drunken Scandinavians. Isla yells at me for writing too much about Roskilde each year, so I’m condensing my erratic thought process into Joanna’s Top 20 Roskilde Festival Hits and Misses. Drum Roll Please… 1. […]