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The Purge: Anarchy – StreetWars

by Richard Hamer It is eight o’clock on a cold Friday night, and I am cowered behind a fence in a disused car park, a crossbow gripped tightly in my hands. I am not alone; the rest of my team are with me. Some dart from cover to cover, sticking to the shadows, trying to […]

StreetWars London

by an anonymous assassin who is known only as JB Five years ago, I spent two days in bed with the flu. My saving grace was a stream of Spooks DVDs, of which I consumed 24 episodes as I rested. The result was a bizarre paranoia as I got back to work and life – […]



Events, News, Theatre | by — May 16, 2014


Ever dream of living your life like an action movie?  Well, now you can – StreetWars is THE watergun assassination tournament and it’s coming back to London in June! Its last London outing in 2010 saw over 300 Londoners take part in the greatest assassination frenzy this side of a Rambo movie.  How it works […]