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Television 2017

Television 2017

by Joanna Orland This year’s television continued the quality streak of the medium. While we haven’t had another season of last year’s best show American Crime Story, there has still been some excellent drama. As there is so much good television to choose from, it’s impossible to watch it all, but here’s what we deem […]

Television 2016

by Joanna Orland This year’s television was kind of a big deal. As the Golden Globe awards nominations have reinforced, the quality of television in 2016 has surpassed that of film, with the nominees in the television category being much stiffer competition of the highest calibre. As there is so much good television to choose […]

Edinburgh Fringe: Michael Che

Michael Che: Six Stars Reviewed on August 9th, 2015 The Stand Comedy Club 3 by Bernie C Byrnes Back in October there was an internet hoo-ha about Michael Che’s comments about catcalling. He even closed his twitter account in January as a result after accusing his critics of missing the point: ‘i think some of […]

SNL Adds 3 New Cast Members

With last season’s departures of heavy hitters Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg, as well as the upcoming departure of Jason Sudeikis, SNL has added 3 new cast members to its bill, all coming from the Chicago Improv scene. Tim Robinson, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant, all Second City alums, make their late-night debuts this Saturday […]