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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by Joanna Orland with Ruth Thomson, Katharine Fry & Ella Jean Foreword Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a huge undertaking.  The longer you are there, the less meaning time has to your existence.  You fully immerse yourself in a summer camp for the arts, a playground filled with high school dramas, tears, broken dreams and shattered […]

Set List: Stand-up Without a Net

Set List: Stand-up Without a Net by Joanna Orland The premise of Set List: Stand-up Without a Net is simple – world class comedians take to the stage with nothing prepared.  Topics appear on television monitors either side of the stage and the comic has to improvise their set before the audience’s very eyes.  This […]


Prompter (as seen on Sunday August 17th, 2014) by Ruth Thomson Prompter is a new format from Troy Conrad, the creator of the late night fringe show Set List: Stand-up Without a Net which features 6 acts improvising on a sequence of words or phrases which appear on a screen by the stage. The two […]


Prompter (as seen on Saturday August 16th, 2014) by Ella Jean Prompter is a great concept, taking the beloved, revered Ted Talk structure and turning it on its head with lectures that are absurd, presented by ill-prepared speakers who have to partially improvise their lectures when the autocue goes on the fritz. Playing the roles […]