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The Sounds

Yes, he is winking at us by Joanna Orland & Isla MC I’m rather ashamed to admit it now that I’ve seen them in action, but I’d never heard of The Sounds before this year’s Roskilde festival. Well, someone’s been missing out because they’re pretty fucking cool. Hot front-woman Maja rocks the Annie Lennox-style androgyny […]

Roskilde Festival 2007

From Roskilde, with Love Mud Roskilde, Denmark by Joanna Orland We survived the torrential downpour, the pools of mud and the drunken Scandinavians. Isla yells at me for writing too much about Roskilde each year, so I’m condensing my erratic thought process into Joanna’s Top 20 Roskilde Festival Hits and Misses. Drum Roll Please… 1. […]

Roskilde Festival 2006

by Joanna Orland & Isla MC JOANNA: I wish I was sitting in a dusty field as I write this review. This was our second year at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. The line up was bigger and badder. The weather was hotter and colder. The men were prettier and uglier. What an AWESOME festival. The […]

Happy Canada Day (from Denmark)


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Today we went to the lake. We swam. No we didn’t. We SLEPT! Naked men with small penises and big bellies were there. And Tiga was there too – not in the lake, but on a stage. We danced the robot. And the shopping cart. And the stacking boxes moves. And the washing machine. That’s […]

Heeb Hop HOORAY at Rufuskilde

Day 2 at Roskilde – Today we have seen the light. And his name is Matisyahu – God of the Jewish Orthodox reggae scene. Matisyahoo in DA HOUUSSE And RUFUS (in all his blinging glory)!!! And ladies doing poos. Time to catch our ride now:

AXL WAILS at Roskilde Festival


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Neither of these people are  Axl, but you get the idea Today we saw (in no particular order): Axl Rose (with cornrows) Boobies (.)(.) Axl Rose (with pyro) Grown men in trees Axl Rose (with bling) Tonguing Axl Rose (with ginger beard) Boys in suits Axl Rose (with never-ending guitar licks) Editors, Sigur Ros, 2ManySoulwaxes, […]

Junior Senior

by Joanna Orland & Isla MC We couldn’t have Senior because he was indisposed, so we were asked if Junior would do. We had a lovely chat with Junior backstage at the greatest festival of 2005, also known as Roskilde. What more could we ask for? (perhaps a light shave off of the blonde tache?) […]

Martin Pelland: The Dears

by Joanna Orland & Isla MC Following our hugely successful interview with The Dears back in February, we decided to check in once again at Roskilde to see how the past few months had been for them. We had seen them live the previous week at the O2 Music Wireless Festival and were seriously impressed […]

Le Tigre

by Joanna Orland & Isla MC A band that almost called themselves “Hot Sweater”, or “Monitor”, but opted for something more, je ne sais quoi…French? Formidable electro-punk band Le Tigre is comprised of Kathleen, Johanna and JD, who met each other on the field in the thriving feminist art / music scene of New York […]