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TRANSGRESSIVE RECORDS: 5th Anniversary Celebrations

by Joanna Orland What does an independent record label do when it turns 5?   Well, it hosts three days worth of gigs to celebrate of course! Out of the three days, I have attend the first and possibly the most uninteresting, non-challenging line up of Young Knives, The Rakes and Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man. Having seen The Rakes […]

The Rakes


Interviews, Music | by — July 1, 2005

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by Jimm Jamm & Marko Domazet Speaking to Matthew, guitarist of The Rakes, a lot of the mysteries of the band had unfolded before our very eyes. Well, ok, that’’s extremely dramatic, but having not been the one to personally interview Matthew, I’m grasping at straws here! What I get from listening back on the […]