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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by Joanna Orland with Ruth Thomson, Katharine Fry & Ella Jean Foreword Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a huge undertaking.  The longer you are there, the less meaning time has to your existence.  You fully immerse yourself in a summer camp for the arts, a playground filled with high school dramas, tears, broken dreams and shattered […]

Set List: Stand-up Without a Net

Set List: Stand-up Without a Net by Joanna Orland The premise of Set List: Stand-up Without a Net is simple – world class comedians take to the stage with nothing prepared.  Topics appear on television monitors either side of the stage and the comic has to improvise their set before the audience’s very eyes.  This […]

Marcel Lucont Is

Marcel Lucont Is by Joanna Orland Marcel Lucont is a Frenchman with a penchant for red wine, bare feet, Gainsbourgian music and irreverent arrogance – Marcel has perfected his persona as a French raconteur.  Observational comedy of British culture from the superior French perspective is Marcel’s platform, and he does it so well that some […]

Alexis Dubus: Cars and Girls

Alexis Dubus: Cars and Girls by Joanna Orland Alexis Dubus is a very diverse and talented comedian. His show Cars and Girls falls into the spoken word category of the Edinburgh Fringe programme as it is much more of a poetic coming-of-age story than it is a work of comedy. Alexis himself describes it as […]

Marcel Lucont

by Joanna Orland “It says a lot that the future of British comedy is French.” Marcel Lucont is not one to shy away from glorifying his own ingenuity.  A flâneur and raconteur since birth, his sardonic take on British culture is not malicious, but merely Marcel’s attempt to “hold up a mirror to the rugged […]

Udderbelly Festival Launch

Udderbelly Festival – April 10th to July 13th London Wonderground – May 7th to September 28th Festival of Love – May 30th to September 7th In its sixth year, Udderbelly Festival continues to bring the best of comedy, cabaret and circus to London’s Southbank Centre. On April 10th, Udderbelly Festival 2014 kicked off in style […]