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New York Comic Con

by Dani Aronson and Alicia McMullen aka Tank Girl and Melisandre New York Comic Con seems to get bigger and better every year, and this year was no exception. We attended thought-provoking panels such as #YesAllGeeks: Let’s Talk About Harassment in Fandom and New York TimesOUT: Geeks, Gaymers, and Crossplay. In addition to these important […]

Back to the Future is 25! And More Evil Gossip…

It’s been Gossip lite for a while now… but American TV season is back, the weather has turned for the worse, and our lips are loosening. — Have you seen the Re-Release of Back to the Future to celebrate the 25th (eep!!!) anniversary of the film? I have.. and it was AWESOME!!!! — Josh Sawyer […]

Lost: Remember, Let Go, Move On.


Features, Review, Television | by — May 25, 2010

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by Joanna Orland ***Warning: Spoilers Ahead if you haven’t seen the finale*** Lost has been our constant for the past six years. This show has changed the face of television with its high budget production values, multi-cultural and rather large ensemble cast, mythological science fiction plot, and characters that we as viewers grew to love […]

How Lost Really Ended


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*source unknown



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Sorry.. have been so caught up in LOSTmania this month, I forgot to spread the gossip. Back to our little plastic reality…. Speaking of The Best Show in the History of EVER… LOST, what are we all thinking about the final season so far? All I know is, as each episode airs, that’s one less […]

What’s this about motorboatin’ brotha?


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The actor who plays sexy Desmond on Lost is being sued for sexual harassment by a former ABC crew member. The plaintiff alleges that Desmond placed his hands on her bum and caressed her back while moaning. He then allegedly put his face in her cleavage and wagged his head back and forth. And other […]