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26th Raindance Film Festival

26th Raindance Film Festival 2018

26th Raindance Film Festival September 26th – October 7th, 2018 by Alex Plant — Dizzy Pursuit Directed by Jay Alvarez Starring Jay Alvarez, Megan Kopp, Lorraine Bahr, Jennifer Neala Page and Andrew Kopp Anyone who feels that they’ve ever made sacrifices for their art or a partner will be able to relate to the protagonists […]

Josh Melrod and Ujon Tokarski

Major Arcana

First-time director Josh Melrod and first-time actor Ujon Tokarski brought their film Major Arcana to Raindance 2018 for its world premiere. We sat down with the pair to discuss cabin building, the film and the unusual way that Ujon became its star.     by Alex Plant     What’s it like being at Raindance? […]

Raindance Film Festival: Major Arcana

Major Arcana

Major Arcana Dircected by Josh Melrod Starring Ujon Tokarski, Tara Summers and Lane Bradbury by Alex Plant There is an undeniable enjoyableness to observing somebody capable of undertaking a task that you couldn’t comprehend doing yourself. There’s a pureness to the skill that is almost hypnotic. Long time editor/first-time director Josh Melrod understands this idea […]