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Eugene McGuinness

by Joanna Orland Eugene McGuinness is a singer-songwriter, also known for fronting his band Eugene & The Lizards. Signed to Domino Records, Eugene has now finished recording his third album – The Invitation to the Voyage will be released on June 25, 2012. Let’s start at the beginning – How did you first break into […]

On the Dullsville Highway to Rubbish Musictown


Features, Music | by — April 1, 2006

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by Isla MC As one who was a young whippersnapper at the birth of Brit pop, and loved Blur and Pulp and Oasis as part of my soul, I must confess that their (effective) spawn leave me utterly cold. What is it with all these identikit indie bands at the moment? Theyre like the boy […]