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Adam Green’s Aladdin: Sex, Drugs and Video Games

by J. Mo It’s not easy reviewing the soundtrack to a movie you haven’t seen, especially when that movie is Adam Green’s part-Kickstarter-funded, psychedelic, satirical, hyper-sensory retelling of the Aladdin story. Nevertheless, I shall have a go. Like many people, I became aware of Adam Green and his earlier incarnation The Moldy Peaches when they […]

Har Mar Superstar: Best Summer Ever

by Michael Anderson Har Mar Superstar has always been a lot of fun. He has a list of collaborators bigger than he is, and a manically energetic, virtually nude stage presence that makes him a sure thing for festivals. No one on you really wanna see? Go catch Har Mar Superstar: you will have an awesome […]

Eels: The Mighty Boosh Festival

Hop Farm, Kent Saturday July 5, 2008 by Joanna Orland I think this festival can be summed up with: “Eels up inside ya – finding an entrance where they can!” It can be, but it won’t be because there were just too many awesome things that happened at the inaugural Mighty Boosh festival! And also, […]