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Fyfe Dangerfield

Bloomsbury Theatre, London April 28, 2010 by Joanna Orland Guillemots front man Fyfe Dangerfield released his first solo album Fly Yellow Moon back in January. Clearly the man has a musical ingenuity that shines even brighter when he’s the focus on stage, without a backing band to support him. Fyfe does seem quite vulnerable up […]

Fyfe Dangerfield: Fly Yellow Moon

by Joanna Orland Guillemots frontman Fyfe Dangerfield has finally released his long-anticipated solo album Fly Yellow Moon. The verdict is in. And it’s a bit surprising… While the Guillemots albums are usually a bit offbeat and possibly not something that can grab on first listen, they entice further listening and are packaged well as albums […]

O2 Wireless Festival 2008

Hyde Park, London by Joanna Orland Day festivals are always harder to get into than the full-fledged campers. In the case of O2 Wireless, it was quite difficult as Thursday and Friday evenings were attended straight from a full day of work… with Saturday and Sunday at least allowing for more of a full day […]


by Joanna Orland & Isla MC I first fell in love with the Guillemots when I heard their beautiful, epic ‘Made Up Love Song 43’. It’s the line ‘I can’t believe you care’ that gets me every time. Anyway, we met up with Fyfe and Arista from the band after their set at Guilfest. A […]

‘We’re gonna do a bit of Rocka-Billy Idol!’

Guilfest 2006 by Isla MC Guilfest was lots and lots of fun this year. It was a baking hot weekend and the revelers were out in force, complete with ridiculous novelty head wear (pet peeve alert!). Guilfest really is one for the families, and it fills the role exceedingly well. Joanna and I spent a […]