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UK Jewish Film Festival

by Joanna Orland with Ella Fitzsimmons The UK Jewish Film Festival is dedicated to bringing to the UK the best world cinema that focuses on Jewish life, history and culture.  The annual festival features an array of screenings and events including UK premieres, older classics, guest lectures, history walks and panel sessions.  This year’s 17th […]

Arnold Brown Introduces And Why Not?

Arnold Brown Introduces And Why Not? by Ella Fitzsimmons As Arnold Brown, alternative comedy legend and man trying to get funding for his movie would probably agree, stereotypes about Jews are funny because they’re true. I should have known. The Soho Theatre used to be a synagogue, and his gig was done under the auspices […]

UK Jewish Film Festival Announces Programme

by Ella Fitzsimmons The launch of the 17th UK Jewish Film Festival began, as many gatherings of G-D’s Chosen people, with a discussion over the relative quality of the bagels being served. And no, that is not an ethnic stereotype, that is the truth. (With a Jewish mother and a Catholic father, I’m technically allowed […]