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Adam (G)Lambert: Man of My Dreams / Right-Wing America’s Nitemares

by Joanna Orland Adam Lambert (GLAMBERT) was ROBBED of the American Idol crown… Why isn’t America ready for a gay American Idol!?? Now there are reports that Idol sponsor AT&T offered free and multiple texting services for fans of “winner” Kris Allen. Bollocks. No one will rember this Kris dude in a week’s time. It’s […]

WTF Happened to Brian Bonsall?

THIS is Brian Bonsall’s (aka ANDY KEATON, Family Ties) MUG SHOT! Apparently he’s auditioning for the teen wolf remake with those fangs… and maybe Harry Potter with that lightning scar on his cheek! GOD… he used to be so cute, remember: Also.. he kind of looks like American Idol’s Chris Richardson, no?

Ladies and Gentlemen…


News, Television | by — March 31, 2007

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This is Sanjaya from American Idol. Are you a Fanjaya?