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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by Joanna Orland with Ruth Thomson, Katharine Fry & Ella Jean Foreword Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a huge undertaking.  The longer you are there, the less meaning time has to your existence.  You fully immerse yourself in a summer camp for the arts, a playground filled with high school dramas, tears, broken dreams and shattered […]

Marcel Lucont Is

Marcel Lucont Is by Joanna Orland Marcel Lucont is a Frenchman with a penchant for red wine, bare feet, Gainsbourgian music and irreverent arrogance – Marcel has perfected his persona as a French raconteur.  Observational comedy of British culture from the superior French perspective is Marcel’s platform, and he does it so well that some […]

Alexis Dubus: Cars and Girls

Alexis Dubus: Cars and Girls by Joanna Orland Alexis Dubus is a very diverse and talented comedian. His show Cars and Girls falls into the spoken word category of the Edinburgh Fringe programme as it is much more of a poetic coming-of-age story than it is a work of comedy. Alexis himself describes it as […]

Marcel Lucont

by Joanna Orland “It says a lot that the future of British comedy is French.” Marcel Lucont is not one to shy away from glorifying his own ingenuity.  A flâneur and raconteur since birth, his sardonic take on British culture is not malicious, but merely Marcel’s attempt to “hold up a mirror to the rugged […]