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Tatty Devine Takes New York


Fashion, Features | by — February 7, 2013

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by Dani Aronson Anyone who knows me knows that I love many things, but at the top of the list are boys with glasses, red lipstick, cats, Eurovision, and Tatty Devine jewelry. Tatty Devine is Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden – two brilliant and talented ladies that have been making beauty out of perplex since […]

Anglofiend in New York


Fashion, Features | by — August 12, 2007


by Dani Aronson kate moss. supermodel. fashion icon. rockstar girlfriend. smelly minge (so i hear- it kicks up a right pong) ick. kate moss is perhaps one of the most famous women in the world- and by far in the top 3 as far as brits go. is there anything kate moss can’t do?! apparently […]

Loose Lips does London Fashion Week

by Marko Domazet Givenchy! Gaultier! Names, names, names! That’s right boys and girls – London fashion week was in town and Loose Lips was invited to come and play. Seeing as we were fashion-week virgins who barely knew there was such a thing as a leg-of-lamb sleeve (ask Jeremy Paxman), we felt very excited and […]

Anna Nicole Smith is DEAD

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Fashion, News | by — February 8, 2007

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Anna Nicole has died at age 39. She was found in her Florida hotel room unconscious and unresponsive due to an alleged drug overdose. Paramedics were on the scene and she died upon arrival to the hospital. This news comes about 5 months after she has given birth to a baby girl, and had tragically […]

The Sartorial Curse of Tourism

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Fashion, Features | by — March 3, 2006

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by Isla MC It is a phenomenon I have noticed since I began working in the tourist industry (of sorts, and much to my misery and shame), that all tourists are utterly sartorially challenged. We’re talking the most heinous crimes of fashion since that manky brown smock dress my high school maths teacher used to […]