Succession Finale Predictions

Succession HBO Final Season

by Joanna Orland

There are many ways in which Succession could end. So much has already happened this season, the game is anyone’s to win (although I do think Roman is out for the count after Church and State). Each episode of season 4 has brought much drama and much change – who would’ve thought Greg was a real contender until the penultimate episode!? Here are some of our predictions of what could happen in the final episode of one of the greatest shows of all time. I believe at least one of these plot points, if not a combination of some, will happen in the finale.


1. Greg Wins: Again, who would’ve thought Greg to be a real contender until the penultimate episode!? The deal goes through, Matsson appoints Greg as his puppet CEO. We know Greg has already aligned himself with Matsson and been loyally feeding him information. Who else likely told him that Shiv was pregnant? Greg would appease Mencken’s need for an American CEO, it wouldn’t be any of the CE-Bros, it wouldn’t be a woman, and it would be someone from the family. Someone easily controlled. This now seems likely to happen, or at least likely to be planned by those involved.

2. Gerri Wins: Deal goes through and Matsson appoints Gerri as CEO, the Roys lose Waystar Royco. Matsson needs an American CEO and needs a female one who can help his legal woes, and issues with Ebba, go away. Shiv has already hyped up Gerri’s abilities on this front. And Gerri is less complicated and more experienced than Shiv. She’s also about to sue the heck out of Waystar for… well… everything. This could be her settlement. Possible, but less likely than a Greg win.

3. Connor Wins: Deal goes through and Matsson appoints Connor as CEO to appease Mencken. Connor is really nagging Mencken for his ambassadorial role and let’s face it – he’s just as unqualified for that as he is CEO, President, or anything else he puts himself up for. Matsson does it to secure the deal, Mencken solves his Connor problem, and job is done. The least likely scenario.

4. Shiv Wins: Deal goes through and Matsson keeps his word and appoints Shiv as CEO. Kendall steps down and actually leads a happier life with his kids, family and loved ones. Shiv basically becomes her parents. Possible, but not the strongest contender for the finale.

5. Kendall “Wins”: Kendall wins it all but ends up alone, alienated from everyone and miserable. Perhaps he gets custody of his kids just like Logan did with his. But what kind of father would he be? Logan pitted his own kids against each other, the Roy family parenting methods seem to be cyclical – “the poison drips through”. Final shot will be of the boardroom, showing the back of Kendall, mirroring the image of Logan from the opening credits. The likeliest, most tragic ending is of Kendall becoming Logan no matter how much he wants to be better. The true beating heart of Succession has always been Kendall’s relationship with Logan – both in their dynamic, and in how much Kendall wants to be or not be his father.

6. Kendall Loses: Kendall’s secrets are revealed by Shiv, Roman or maybe even Colin. He loses the company and everyone he loves. Maybe he ends up in prison. More likely than not he doesn’t. He may lose the company and his family but money will keep him safe from the law. His own guilt and ostracization would be somewhat of a punishment for him at least. It does seem unlikely that there will be no more mention of the major event from season 1 that has loomed over Kendall and his emotional arc ever since. But what role it actually does play is yet to be determined. The idea that it plays very little in the end might actually be how it goes, demonstrating how the upper echelon value the lives of those they deem as below them.

7. Matsson Wins: Not only does the deal go through, but Kendall’s secret is outed, share stocks drop so low that Matsson buys them out for “pennies”. He appoints whoever the heck he wants to as CEO. The Roys totally lose Waystar Royco. Nobody succeeds. Possible indeed, but really Logan’s kids would be way better off this way.

8. Kendall Dies: I don’t think this is likely now that Logan has also died this season – two major characters dying so close together seems way too heavy-handed at this point. But for awhile there, I thought Kendall’s story would end in death. After season 3’s Chiantishire, I was convinced that when Kendall was shown face down in a pool, that that was it for him. So much imagery of him contemplating and feeling death built up to this point. This season had the imagery of him being face-up in the water, a turning point for his guilt, turmoil and failures. It feels the moment has passed on this arc for him, but I was extremely concerned last season.


However it goes for the Roy family and Waystar Royco, there is no doubt that this show has been one of the greatest television experiences of the Prestige area. Perhaps it is the era’s final hurrah. I’m not yet ready to say goodbye to the Roy family, least of all to Kendall who I think is one of the greatest TV characters to grace our screens. All of the cast are fantastic, but Jeremy Strong not only gives the performance of his career in Succession, but alongside the writers and directors, he gives a masterclass on creating a fully-rounded character and embodying him to the fullest. 



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