Film 2020

As usual for this time of year, I’ve compiled a list of all the films I’ve watched in an order that roughly ranks my enjoyment level. This year was a bit different, obviously, so the annual list will follow suit. Not only am I listing films that have debuted in either the US or UK in 2020, but I am including EVERYTHING available to me on streaming that I managed to cram into my busy (aka lying about) schedule.

Parasite – It feels like so long ago now, but Parasite came out in the UK THIS YEAR!

Uncut Gems – January 2020 seems like a totally different time, but it was then that the UK was gifted Uncut Gems.

Sound of Metal – I feel like this might be a hidden gem because not enough people have been talking about it. It is worth serious consideration come awards season but will probably be overlooked due to its low key release and lack of proper hype. Hopefully I’m wrong and it gets the recognition it deserves as it is great on so many levels – the most obvious being Riz Ahmed’s performance.

Nomadland – I was such a mess watching this movie. So well directed, so well acted, a fantastic character study and more. It will probably (and hopefully) win lots of awards.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – A very beautifully made film and a touching ode to Mr. Rogers.

Hustlers – I finally caught up with this on Amazon Prime. SO GOOD!

Minari – I just loved this movie. Believe the hype.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – The news stories that this spawned are enough to make this one of THE films of the year.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 – What an amazing ensemble cast. And Aaron Sorkin still knows his way around a courtroom drama!

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood – Technically last year’s fare but I just got around to it. Leo & Brad are everything in it. EVERYTHING.

The Forty-Year-Old Version – Radha Blank has a really unique voice! Great film!

Da 5 Bloods – Intense!

Ammonite – Beautiful atmosphere and great chemistry between lead actresses. It does however feel a bit inappropriate / misogynist to reduce Mary Anning’s biopic to a love story, when she was very much beaten down by being overlooked for her archaeological work because of her gender.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – This arrived on Netflix when I needed it most.

Good Boys – You don’t get many proper great comedies these days, so when one like this comes along it means a lot to me.

Bad Education – Solid drama starring Hugh Jackman.

Yesterday – A bit of a silly premise and execution but such lovely Beatles fandom and positivity.

Babyteeth – Bizarre in tone, but fantastic dark comedy / tragedy.

Dick Johnson is Dead – Long live Dick Johnson.

Shazam! – I actually liked this. There have been more superhero things that I’ve liked this year than most years… is it 2020 times bringing me down?

Enola Holmes – Surprisingly fun.

JoJo Rabbit – I didn’t LOVE it like some people seem to, but I did quite enjoy it.

Knives Out – A bit overhyped really but enjoyable.

The Old Guard – Love a good action film.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always – Not an easy watch. One scene in particular almost ruined the entire film for me, but it’s important and well made.

Birds of Prey – Surprisingly fresh for DC.

Spider-Man: Far From Home – Much better than the first Tom Holland outing, and a great turn by Jake Gyllenhaal doing his thing.

Miss Americana – I’m not even the world’s greatest Taylor Swift fan but I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – I do struggle with play adaptations as they often feel like they haven’t really changed for their new medium, but wow what a performance from Chadwick Boseman!

Emma – A more than decent adaptation.

Last Christmas – You can guess the twist from the trailer and it’s a pretty rubbish film, but sometimes that’s what you need.

The Dead Don’t Die – I don’t think this was that good actually, but Adam Driver’s performance and dialogue was SO funny it made this film for me. He was even funnier than his screen partner comedy legend Bill Murray! And of course Tilda Swinton is hilarious in it. If you’re not into dry and meta though…. you won’t survive.

The Prom – A bit of a mess, but also the first half was a very fun musical! And who knew Meryl Streep and Keegan-Michael Key would have chemistry?

The Boys in the Band – I did have a problem with the whole play being adapted into film thing as it almost never translates well for me. But I quite liked the banter and the characters and Zachary Quinto’s hilarious appearance.

Let Them All Talk – Nothing wrong with a bit of Meryl.

Seberg – I like a good Kristen Stewart movie.

Monsoon – Henry Golding not doing romantic comedy.

On the Basis of Sex – Like everyone else, I watched this after RBG’s passing.

Richard Jewell – A frustrating story indeed, but a good film.

The Truth – Koreeda’s first non-Japanese film. It was ok.

The Devil All The Time – BLEAK! But Robert Pattinson’s accent makes up for the rest.

The Life Ahead – It’s nice to see Sophia Loren on screen.

Farmaggedon – I’m watching this in 20 minute chunks thanks to child, but lovely animation from Aardman.

Onward – A totally fine Pixar film.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things – I’m so angry at this film, or maybe at Charlie Kaufman for the ending….. I can’t really go into the issues I have with it without spoiling it. But what I did like was the surreal aspect reminiscent of Punchdrunk Theatre’s work (it almost felt like being at one of their shows). I also liked the performances. But then…. AGH.

The Lighthouse – Also a big one from 2019, but watched it on Amazon Prime…. Not for me, but I totally appreciate the insanity.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga – Is this a good film? No. But is Eurovision itself actually good? No. I enjoyed the silliness, but it’s hard to parody something that is as ridiculous as Eurovision.

An American Pickle – Yeah, it’s exactly how you think it will be.

The Lovebirds – A decent romantic buddy comedy.

Cats – This is not a good movie, but I will never ever forget it. Never. Nightmares.

Frozen 2 – It was ok.

Coastal Elites – Basically just some monologues re 2020 times. Felt a bit therapeutic.

Mank – Probably the film of the year for many film buffs, but I could not get into it (I struggle with old films as well due to the sound quality / frequencies). This is clearly an AMAZING technical and stylistic feat, but I am not its audience.

Dark Phoenix – Just when you think the X-Men series can’t get any worse….

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You – The sequel we didn’t need.

John Wick 3 – I can’t even anymore.

Ava – Bog standard 90’s style female assassin thriller.

Rebecca – This was a very bad adaptation / remake.

All is True – This was just very very boring.

The Death and Life of John F Donovan – Xavier Dolan’s English language debut was his worst film to date! UGH! DISAPPOINTMENT!

Tigertail – Sadly added to my too boring to watch list.

One Night in Miami – I gave it 20 minutes and they hadn’t even got to Miami yet. The title screen hadn’t even come up yet. Again, I think the problem for me is it being a stage adaptation made for screen. I just couldn’t get into it.

Honey Boy – Too much hype, not enough substance. Sorry Shia, I couldn’t get through it.

Mogul Mowgli – While I love Riz Ahmed and his performance here is solid as usual, I don’t think the height of a pandemic was the right time to watch a movie about a man in hospital fighting a degenerative disease. I just couldn’t.

Radioactive – No…. this is not how a Marie Curie movie should be….

The King of Staten Island – I don’t mind Pete Davidson on SNL, but I seem to have a strong aversion to him in other things so far. Couldn’t watch much of this.

The Lion King – I tried watching the live action Lion King. It felt so weird I could not get through the first 20 minutes.

Super Intelligence – NO!

Run This Town – This may be one of the worst made movies I have seen.

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