Edinburgh Fringe – Will Duggan: Class Two

Will Duggan: Class Two
pleasance.co.uk / @willduggan
3:15PM (1 hour)

by Bernie C Byrnes

Middle class midlander Will Duggan, has been sure since birth that he was destined to become an icon and he’s absolutely livid that hasn’t happened. During an odd and turbulent time in very recent history, he found himself questioning every poor decision he has ever made (which turned out to be pretty much everything he has ever said or done). He decided to talk things through with his four oldest friends and try to figure out where it all went wrong. The problem is that he hasn’t spoken to these friends for 25 years. And also they are entirely fictional.

Duggan is a nice bloke, the sort of guy you hope will always be down the pub: he’s an excellent storyteller and he knows how absurd life can be. A man not afraid to point at a childhood picture of himself and proudly announce that he’s ‘wanked that kid off’. And it’s that kind of sideways look at life that Duggan does so well – the everyday made laugh-out-loud.

Duggan has recently had a breakdown (according to him) and he wants to tell you about it. The show is warm, funny, human and humane. A little less time fretting about the empty seats in the front row (who sits in the front row at stand-up?) and a bit more time dwelling on his failed relationships and this show would have been near perfect.

Duggan has previously performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part The Lunchtime Special and the Big Value Comedy Show and has provided tour support for Hal Cruttenden, Gary Delaney and Justin Moorhouse. Nominated for the Best MC award at the Nottingham Comedy Festival as well as reaching the final of the Frog and Bucket World Series, Birmingham Comedian of the Year, Preston Comedian of the Year and Hull Comedian of the Year, he’s a steady hand at the helm.

Class Two is a very enjoyable hour with a very enjoyable man.


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