Edinburgh Fringe – Jenny Bede: The Musical

Jenny Bede: The Musical
Just the Tonic at the Mash House (Venue 288),
1ST – 25TH August (Not 12TH August)
5:05PM (1 hour)

by Bernie C Byrnes

Jenny Bede is worried that her classical training in musical theatre (and her stint in a girlband) has stopped her being seen as a proper comedian, serious actor, or decent human being. However, much like nationalism and Greggs, musical theatre is having a bit of a moment, and, always the fair-weather friend, Bede wants in on the action.

In her bid to become a younger, sexier Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bede claims to have written roughly 35-45 future West End hit shows and, delightfully, treats us to some of the songs from her favourite attempts: ‘Sexy Dead Wife’ and the duet with ‘Siri’ are particular stand-outs.

In Jenny Bede: The Musical, Bede takes her audience on a semi-autobiographical journey of singing ghosts, bad feminism and her time in Cherry Falls, whilst giving her own unique spin on everything from gender politics to privilege, in this joyous celebration of musical theatre and modern pop music.

She’s beautiful, funny and has a voice to die for! What’s not to love?


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