Down to Earth Green Carpet Premiere

Down to Earth
Down to Earth
Green Carpet Premiere
Picturehouse Central
September 11th, 2018
presented by Mark Rylance

by Alex Plant

Renata Heinen and Rolf Winters descended upon London for the UK premiere of their stunning documentary Down to Earth. The unique film was filmed entirely by Heinen and Winters, who, along with their three children, broke away from society and went on a search for what they call “the keepers of the earth”. Their five year journey spanned six continents and brought them in contact with many isolated indigenous peoples, in order to better understand how to live in harmony with with the planet.

The premiere was held at Picturehouse Central and was in support of tribal conservation charity Survival International. The event was hosted by Survival International ambassador, Mark Rylance.

We sat down with Heinen and Winters to chat about their remarkable journey:



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