Edinburgh Fringe – Sleeping Trees: World Tour

Sleeping Trees 2 credit Mark Dawson Photography
Sleeping Trees: World Tour
Assembly George Square (Studio 2)
1st -26th August (except 13th)

by Amanda Farley

Sleeping Trees are back. John Woodburn, Joshua George Smith and James Dunnell-Smith bring their latest offering to Edinburgh.

Centred around world tours, audiences can expect an hour of high energy and fast paced sketch comedy. With no sets and with minimalist sound effects, this engaging trio prove their performing prowess. Clearly talented performers, they transport their audience from Transylvania to Hawaii to Egypt and a hundred places in-between. With clever puns, unexpected twists and excellent physicality, it’s a show that hits the ground running and then some. Their ‘sketch drama’ opening is fun and original and their wall sketch a brilliant piece of comedy. There is no denying their material is tight and punchy across the hour.

This is a solid offering from last year’s winners of the Merv’s Spirit of the Fringe. It’s not the hottest ticket in town, but it is very good and well worth seeing.


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  1. Keith says:

    I’m not really sure how the comments you have made correlate with a 3* review…I understand that it’s your subjective opinion of the work but a 3* would indicate an element of mediocrity and referring to moments within the show as “brilliant comedy” surely juxtaposes this? 3* shows aren’t “very good” and 3* shows don’t have “excellent physicality” or are not a “show that hits the ground running and then some”, this is surely not indicative of its 3* rating. I’m not affiliated with the company but I have seen their show and reviewed a lot in the past and the rating and comments simply do not correlate. This is a real problem as a 3* review can be detrimental to the development of the company and the ticket sales. I’m not questioning that you feel it was a 3* show, that’s absolutely your perogative, but the review itself doesn’t match, in my opinion.

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