Edinburgh Fringe – Ciarán Dowd: Don Rodolfo

Ciaran Dowd Don Rodolfo 1 credit Idil Sukan
Ciarán Dowd: Don Rodolfo
Pleasance Courtyard (That)
1st – 26th August (except 15th)

by Amanda Farley

The great Don Rodolfo Martini Tayoto has arrived in town on his faithful hobby horse ‘horse’ and he’s ready for adventure. So lock up your partner and prepare for tales of danger, seduction and six-handed men.

Ciarán Dowd, best known as part of the sketch troupe Beasts, brings his debut solo hour to Edinburgh. As one might expect from Dowd, the show is a high energy romp that hits the laughs hard and the cod-accents harder.

Directed by Tom Parry (Of Pappy’s fame) this show revels in its own silliness. Not concerned with addressing the big issues it instead invites you into Don Rodolfo’s ridiculous saga, think Don Quixote meets Father Ted.

Dowd is a talented actor, who brings a warmth and likability to a monstrous comedy creation. His charm as a performer adds a richness to what could otherwise seem a rather well worn character type. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious.

The story is simple, perhaps underdeveloped at times but there are some interesting narrative twists and ideas at play that hint at Dowd’s future potential.

This show won’t change your life but if you are looking for an hour of escape filled with laughter and silliness look no further. You won’t leave a wiser human but maybe a happier one.


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