Underbelly Summer Party & Catch Me (Attrape Moi)

Underbelly Launch Party

Purple Cow, Southbank

by Bernie C Byrnes

Last year I wrote a pretty lukewarm review of the Underbelly Launch Party – they had just switched to Hilton and I was disappointed by the experience. This year, I am delighted to say, they are back to their old selves: same location, same faces, sunshine – for a change – and cool on tap.

Not only was the pasture a vibrant, creative place to be, everyone seemed less jaded this year. Or maybe that was just me. Either way, it was a hellofaparty.

If you are looking for a brilliant place to hang out this summer, make your way to the big purple cow on the South Bank (nearest station Waterloo). Friendly bar staff, amazing food and a chilled and eclectic crowd. Plus there are shows – what’s not to love?

Catch Me (Attrape Moi)
Flip FrabriQue
Directed by Oliver Normand
Underbelly South Bank
May 17th – July 9th, 2017

Twirling hoops, daring diabolos, and acrobats soaring through the air – all in a day’s play for Flip FabriQue, the exciting new faces of Canadian circus.

High flying, fearless, and fantastic fun, Catch Me (Attrape Moi) is the circus sensation that has astounded audiences around the world with adrenaline pumping feats of extreme acrobatics, dramatic turns on a trampoline, and inventive parkour.

This impressive display of athleticism and showmanship for the whole family makes its London premiere to headline Underbelly Festival’s circus season.

My only quibble – there just wasn’t enough of a narrative. It’s there in the programme but doesn’t make its way on stage. That said, with performances that energetic and proficient, who cares?


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