The Greasy Strangler

Directed by Jim Hosking
Starring Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar and Elizabeth De Razzo
Now In UK Cinemas and on DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital

by Joanna Orland

The Napoleon Dynamite of the horror genre – The Greasy Strangler is an inane movie with awkward dialogue, weird looking people, stunted performances and gross out juvenile humour.

Genitals, farts, disco and grease – there is no substance to this movie which will find its audience at midnight screenings filled with infantile stoners quoting along to the ham-fisted catchphrases and odd language that fill this film.  ‘Bullshit artist’ being the most predominant catchphrase is very appropriate as I would use this term to describe the filmmaker.

What kind of brain does this film script come from!?  It’s completely insane nonsense that will unfortunately find its status as a cult classic due to its fatuous idiotic tone and distinct imagery and dialogue.  It’s like watching a perversely vulgar SNL sketch that didn’t quite make the cut.

A film that feels desperate to shock and be as niche as possible, The Greasy Strangler is likely to become an undeserved cult classic merely due to the sheer absurdity.


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