Keanu Key & Peele
Directed by Peter Atencio
Starring Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Tiffany Haddish, Method Man, Jason Mitchell, Luis Guzman, Nia Long, Will Forte, Anna Faris and Keanu Reeves
In UK Cinemas July 15th, 2016

by Laura Patricia Jones

I should probably make a confession here – any film with a kitten, comedy gangster theme and George Michael soundtrack is going to get my vote.  And that’s pretty much what Keanu is.

The legends Key & Peele team up for their first feature film, a laugh a minute ride that will leave you cringing and creasing at the same time.  Finding himself in the comic tragedy of breakup land, surrounded by take away boxes and sin that we can all relate to, Rell’s (Peele) life takes a positive turn for a true love like no other when a ridiculously cute kitten arrives at his door.  Rell names the angelic ball of fluff Keanu. Keanu swiftly becomes his life and adoration as he devotes his latest photography to documenting the kitten in movie sketch shots for a family calendar.

Tragically, one weekend later, the house is broken into and his prize possession Keanu stolen. Now Rell and his cousin Clarence (Key), find themselves on a mission to find Keanu against all odds. Naturally, said kitty wasn’t just hiding down the road – Keanu is discovered in the care of ruthless gangster, Cheddar, and to save their furry pal the middle class bumbling duo launch into the bad ass world of drugs, deception and gang violence to reunite Rell with his soul mate.

Sounds cheesy and it seriously is, but it’s a clever script of well-timed comedy moments that keep you giggling until the final shoot out. Aided by a crack team of surreal cameos including Anna Faris as a drug fiend and Keanu Reeves as the tripping voice of Keanu himself, individual sketch scenes help keep the story moving without it becoming clichéd.

There’s nothing highbrow or award-winning about this flick, but it’s not meant to be. It’s the kind of movie I like to think of as a Saturday night Netflix win, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your Chinese take-away and sure to pack a punch with the punters.



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