Blink Dance Theatre Presents: Four Corners

June 10th-11th, Lyric Hammersmith
June 18th, Hackney Empire

by Evie Fehilly

Four Corners is an innovative, creative and playful production.  Weaving together dance, original live music and storytelling, the show follows four young Londoners through their daily lives watching as their stories gradually intertwine.  The dance sequences are passionate and exciting, accompanied by a pulsing electronic soundtrack played live.  As the production is playing with such colourful images and inventive sequences, some plot points get lost, but this is a brave and exciting show with a very lovable cast.

The mission of Blink Dance Theatre, the production company behind Four Corners, is to push boundaries in inclusive theatre, exploring gender, race and disability. This mission is so clear in their work. They are a company taking on a very worthy challenge and doing it very well.

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