The Nice Guys press conference

The Nice Guys
A Nice Film Made By Nice Guys….

by Laura Patricia Jones

It’s been a while since a high quality comedy action flick graced our screens and for some time it’s seemed like the classic buddy cop genre was dead. But yesterday in the tongue-and-cheek setting of Mayfair’s Playboy Club, the makers behind The Nice Guys, taught us a thing or two about how to get this timeless formula back into the game. Though Gosling was absent, the entire panel were in high spirits, particularly Russell Crowe who decided to open the conference by taking a photo of us all snapping him for his Twitter feed – not everyday you get papped on an A-lister’s mobile!

With the surreal 70’s funk backdrop and the conference panel balanced on the bar, it felt like we were in one of the bar scenes from the movie, sharing a drink with friends. Having witnessed what can only be described as pure ‘bottled bromance’ between Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling during the feature itself, I was keen to know how much was scripted and what fun was had along the way in the world of improv.

But such banter and improvisation can come at a price as Crowe describes with jest of how Gosling made him laugh so much that he corpsed more in filming this one feature than in all of his previous roles put together – with 49 feature films under his belt, that’s quite an impressive feat!

Fun and frolics aside, when learning about the casting process it was incredibly heart-warming to hear about the care and consideration that had gone into casting the younger roles and the welcoming efforts Gosling put in towards the actresses.

Before filming, Gosling researched each girl so he could ask a question to make them feel comfortable.  In telling this story, Crowe gushes that through the rehearsal process he could tell that Gosling was going to make an awesome dad because of this.  Awww… hot, talented and caring – what’s there not to love? 😉

Having been wowed by the performance of the young Angourie Rice, it was very pleasing to hear the panel talk so highly of her with Crowe jovially commenting on her being the only grown up on set – it would a appear that there are big things to come for that little Aussie!

In all, it was wonderful to hear such a great vibe about what is a truly awesome movie with a retro flair. Crowe comments that he and Gosling reckon ‘The Nice Guys – Mexican Detectives’ would be a hilarious sequel… and I have to agree!

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