Clock Opera at Moth Club


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Clock Opera
Moth Club, London
March 14th, 2016

by Joanna Orland

I was completely enamored with the music of Clock Opera back in 2012 with their intricately beautiful album Ways To Forget.  Four years later, the band are returning with a new crowdfunded album Changeling to be released later this year.  The four-piece played London’s Moth Club on March 14th to coincide with the release of their new single In Memory.

Their keyboardist may be new, but Clock Opera‘s sound remains beautifully complex.  The band mostly played tracks from their new album, and while lacking some confidence in playing these in front of an audience for what could be the first time, the performance hinted at the greatness to come.  There were some immediate standout songs amongst the new, and while they did resonate live, my feeling is that they will do so further on the album.  Or perhaps at future performances when the band become more comfortable with these new tunes, getting them up to par with how assuredly they perform their old ones.

Playing songs from their first album Ways to Forget, the band had much more presence on stage, becoming anthemic in nature.  Singer Guy Connelly’s voice is a powerful combination of melodic and angst.  He carries each song with both confidence and vulnerability, getting the audience excited about everything that’s happening on stage.

It’s great to have Clock Opera back on the music scene, and I’m looking forward to hearing how wonderful their new album is.



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