Berlinale: War on Everyone

War on Everyone

Directed by John Michael McDonagh
Starring Michael Peña, Alexander Skarsgård, Theo James, Tessa Thompson and Caleb Landry Jones
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by Malin Arvidsson

Terry and Bob are the bad cops in this American comedy directed by Irish filmmaker John Michael McDonagh. They follow no rules but make their own in spite of charges of bribery, assault and racism. And then they meet someone who seems to be more hardcore than they are.

War on Everyone has the potential to be a great witty comedy, but instead it feels like a lighthearted Tarantino wannabe full of bad dialogue, stunted acting and schoolboy humor that is cheesy, but not cheesy enough to be so bad it’s good. The only actors that give convincing performances are Theo James, Caleb Landry Jones and the Irish guy who gets his head chopped off.


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