Raindance Film Festival: Strange Weather

Strange Weather
Directed by Tom Shrapnel
Starring Maxine Peake and Lex Shrapnel

by Joanna Orland

In Strange Weather, Wes (Shrapnel) and Jane (Peake) separately bare witness to a bizarre weather phenomenon, leaving them forever changed and mystically drawn together.

An ambient and ambiguous piece, Strange Weather is predominantly a director’s showcase rather than a short film with a solid narrative.  The extraordinary mood of this film, alongside the stunning visuals makes Shrapnel a director to watch.  He clearly has a good eye for the visual language of film and understands how to solidly set a distinct tone to make this film his own, with a uniquely defined style.  He directs Peake to give an excellent and gripping, largely silent performance as Jane, a woman lost in her own sorrow, slowly lifted by the weather.  Peake’s sullen performance adds beautifully to the tone of the film, lulling the viewer into this world created by Shrapnel.

As it’s a short and ambiguous film, it may not be one to necessarily seek out in the cinemaHowever, Strange Weather is something director Tom Shrapnel should be very proud to have in his portfolio.


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