Raindance Film Festival: And It Was Good

And It Was Good
Directed by Graham Chychele Waterston

Starring Louis Cancelmi, Jessica Joffe and Sam Waterston

by Joanna Orland

And It Was Good is an absurdist story of two lovers who reunite, marry and immediately confront the reality of their lives together.  While the performances are excellent and the humour delightful, the magnificence of this short film lies in its aesthetic.  The cinematography, the framing, the editing, the music, the choreography all come together beautifully for this twenty minute film which greatly celebrates life.

With And It Was Good, Graham Chychele Waterston clearly establishes his distinct directorial style. A standout of the short film strand of this year’s Raindance Film Festival, what makes this film even more interesting than it already is, is the knowledge that Waterston enlisted the help of his family for the making of this film.  Co-produced with Graham’s sister Katherine Waterston, the film stars Waterston’s brother-in-law Louis Cancelmi in the male lead, while the director’s famous father Sam has a brilliant role as the judge who marries the loved-up couple, reciting the best dialogue of the film, which includes the perfectly delivered words “blah blah”.

Life, death, birth, love are all explored in this dazzling film.  While the themes are universal and the performances engaging, it is director Graham Chychele Waterston’s artistic vision that makes this film stunning, and the director himself one-to-watch.


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