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Brick 2015 lego

by Haresh Patel

Imagine a product that is simple and ubiquitous enough to become a spaceship, a unicorn leg or a racing car. Or a pirate ship. Or a house for snails. Or a bridge from the toilet to the shark infested biscuit tin on the landing. Or a.. whatever your twisted brain can envisage.

Lego has been a part of our collective childhood for 80 years. From a small Danish carpentry workshop, it has inflated to be an almost universal way of children and AFOL (Adult Fans Of Lego) to express their innermost imagination, and bring it out to the exterior world. Many essays have been written about it’s significance to generations of children. some who have openly expressed that its influence led to their career in architecture, engineering, mechanics, toy-making, all sorts of things.

Brick, the Lego Expo, hits Birmingham this October 29th until November 1st, and then to London from the 10th – 13th of December. The NEC and Excel centres will be transformed into an eye and brain popping heaven of brickie-mania, with special events and arenas dedicated to all that is Lego. Tie-ins with franchises, films made entirely of Lego, monster mosaics, models, Minecraft, shopping opportunities galore, and a wealth of Christmassy things will all be there. I’m going to take some shades. The future’s bright. The future’s orange. And red. And green. And pink. And yellow. And, and, and…!

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