Star Wars: The Complete Saga Special Edition


As the galaxy prepares for the next generation of Star Wars, the six epic films will each release as commemorative Blu-ray steelbooks on Monday November 9th, 2015.  These will be available for a limited time only and can be pre-ordered beginning Friday August 7th.

Each film from the Saga is presented with new character packaging allowing fans to choose their favourite or collect all six for a limited time. Characters include:  The Phantom Menace – Darth Maul; Attack of the Clones – Yoda; Revenge of the Sith – General Grievous; A New Hope – Darth Vader; The Empire Strikes Back – Imperial Stormtrooper; and Return of the Jedi – Emperor Palpatine.

In addition, Star Wars: The Complete Saga will be released in newly repackaged artwork on Monday October 12th, 2015.

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