Cannes Film Festival: Top 10 & Predictions


by Joanna Orland

My week in Cannes has come to an end, and while I didn’t see all of the films In Competition, I did manage my fair share.  Here is my personal top 10 of the films I did see, and my hopes / predictions for the film festival’s Competition prizes!

10.  Valley of Love:  The plot for this film is dire, but the acting superb.  I loved the relationship between Isabelle Huppert & Gerard Depardieu’s characters.

9.  Carol:  Beautifully directed by Todd Haynes, but a bit lacklustre in story and interest.  But again, beautiful.

8.  Sicario: Denis Villeneuve takes a page out of Michael Mann’s book to create this dark action thriller.  Beautiful cinematography and stylization.

7.  Amy:  A well-made documentary on Amy Winehouse.  Fully tragic.

6.  Louder Than Bombs:  A touching drama with an excellent performance by Devin Druid and interesting directing style by Joachim Trier.  Heartfelt and wonderful.  I predict big things for Devin.

5.  Inside Out:  New Pixar film + Amy Poehler’s voice.  I LOVED it.  Classic Pixar.

4.  Dheepan An intelligent drama with complex characters.  The subject matter is modernly relevant and this film emotionally powerful.

3.  Mad Max: Fury Road WHOAH!

2.  Youth: My immediate reaction to this film was – GIVE IT ALL THE PRIZES!  But having calmed down a bit, I see its flaws…. many many flaws… but I choose not to care.  Classic Sorrentino directorial style and a moving performance from Michael Caine, this film riled my emotions, fully engaged me, and was a clear standout of all the drabness of the other festival films.  I absolutely loved it.

1.  The Lobster Not just my favourite film of the festival, but a shoo in for my favourite of the year.  This film strongly appeals to the cynic in me.

Palme d’Or

For the top prize at Cannes, I am majorly hoping for The Lobster, but predict either Carol or The Assassin to have a better chance.  Would also be happy with Youth, but as divisive as that film has been, it’s a serious underdog.  Son of Saul (Saul Fia) has also garnered enough hype to be a strong contender, but sadly I didn’t see this film.

Grand Prix

The Lobster may have a better chance here than Palme d’Or, but again, I reckon either Carol or The Assassin are the frontrunners for the top two categories as they are technically the most beautifully shot films – sadly both lack story and interesting characters.

Prix du Jury

I’m so desperate for The Lobster to take a film prize home, but  I think this one could go to Sicario.

Prix de la mise en scène (Best Director)

In spite of finding Carol very dull, I think it was very well directed and beautifully shot.  I wouldn’t be opposed to Todd Haynes taking this prize home, but I reckon he’s more likely to win in the film categories, not directing.  My preference is Denis Villeneuve for Sicario.

Prix d’interprétation féminine (Best Actress)

Everyone thinks this belongs to either Cate Blanchett from Carol (I don’t agree), or Zhao Tao for Mountains May Depart (I haven’t seen it).  I actually really liked Isabelle Huppert in Valley of Love, but I’m not sure anyone agrees with me.

Prix d’interprétation masculine (Best Actor)

For me, this 100% belongs to Michael Caine for his fantastic performance in Youth.  Tim Roth has been garnering much praise as well for Chronic and could swoop in and take it home.  Slight chance of Gerard Depardieu for Valley of Love, which wouldn’t be the worst thing!  Also, Colin Farrell’s performance in The Lobster is completely underrated – it’s genius!

Prix du scénario (Best Screenplay)

This one HAS to be The Lobster!


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