Museum of Comedy, London
March 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th, 2015

by Haresh Patel

The veteran Australian comic is back, in a one man show about the political present of his London home.

Living in Brighton for two decades, he’s now more comfy with the unapologetic riffraff of London’s Wood Green, rather than the riffraff-in-denial of Brighton. His new show #SecretMeetings gets to the heart of darkness in London’s social and political fabric.

Little’s situationist humour has been honed through decades of standing up in front of hostile crowds and winning them over with his shambolic charm. The current mini-residency at the Museum of Comedy in Bloomsbury is somewhat apt for his new show. The Museum is part mausoleum, shrine, library, living effigy, and stage for experimental theatre and comedy. The cryptic location under St George’s Church is part of the charm of the museum of comedy madness.

Little pratfalls and tumbles through a new manifesto, sticking two fingers up at the darkening face of governmental fascism-lite. He uses the tiny space of the stage to it’s fullest, and any opportunity to get the audience recruited into the business at hand is seized upon.

Mark Little seems to have been brooding at the edges for some time, but Secret Meetings sees to it that he’s taking a more personal walk through the comedy edges, and bouncing ever closer towards you.

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