Meghan Trainor: Title

Title is released in the UK January 26th, 2015

by J. Mo

OK, cards on the table time. I am a fan of Meghan Trainor’s hit single All About That Bass – mostly for it’s repeated use of the word ‘booty’. But as a naturally ‘skinny bitch’ who also has a boyfriend I assumed her album would be the music equivalent of a bitter single friend who makes you feel bad for having found a tiny bit of happiness for once. However, I must say that I enjoyed the ironically-titled Title far more than I was expecting to.

At 21 years old, Trainor writes songs about the many ups and downs of relationships, so whatever your current love status there’s a song for you on this album. Like I’m Gonna Lose You is a slushy number for those lucky few who are so in love their only worry is “what if they suddenly weren’t here, like Anne Hathaway in One Day (spoiler, sorry, but you really should have seen that film by now).” The snappy Walkashame is about, well, the clue’s in the name, and there’s something about the lyrics ‘Don’t act like you haven’t been there…’ set to Ronettes-esque shoop shoops that is very uplifting and makes for a great anthem to strut your stuff to on the journey home from the night before. Credit (perhaps my favourite track) is all about the frustration of seeing an ex with someone else but not because you’re heart-broken but because you gave him a complete makeover before dumping him and now he’s reaping the benefits of being hotter and better in bed. Trainor takes the catchy hooks of 60’s pop songs, often sung by men about their dream girls, and sings about modern men, sex and romance. And she does so with a candid, wry humour – she’s not bitching or moaning.

Trainor is not everyone’s cup of tea, sure, but if you like your pop more sugary than a super-sized duffin with a ginormous dollop of doo-wop on top, then you can do worse than listen to this album. However, for me, no pop song will ever, ever top this!

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