Little Accidents

Directed by Sarah Colangelo
Starring Elizabeth Banks, Boyd Holbrook, Chloë Sevigny, Jacob Lofland, Josh Lucas and Nicholas Huddleston
In US Cinemas January 16th, 2015

Sarah Colangelo has made a promising first feature with Little Accidents.  A bleak drama with classism at its heart, the film truly thrives due to the strong performances given by its vast cast, notably Boyd Holbrook as Amos, a miner who is the only survivor of a serious mining accident that has left ten others dead.

As the only survivor, Amos is left physically crippled and unable to go on living his life as normal.  He wants to keep his job for the mining company, but feels pressure to stand up against them to get justice for the death of his peers.  Holbrook’s performance is quiet and subtle, yet effective and empathetic.  He is clearly one to watch as far as up-and-coming dramatic actors go.

While a small town in America is still reeling from the tragedy of losing 10 of its miners, as the film’s title suggests, yet another accident occurs – this one caused by Owen, a young teenager who lost his father to the mining tragedy.  Owen accidentally kills his classmate JT who happens to be the son of the mining company manager who is primarily responsible for the miners’ deaths.  Owen hides his secret from his fellow townsfolk while JT’s parents Bill Doyle (Josh Lucas) and Diane Doyle (Elizabeth Banks) begin a public search.

Diane’s grief overcomes her as does Amos’ and Owen’s.  They somehow come together to share in each other’s grief, forming unlikely interclass connections.  What unfolds is a bleak and well-directed story.  While predictable at times, the tone and performances hold up the film to make Colangelo a director whose future seems more prosperous than any of the characters’ she depicts in her film.

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