Soirée Subterranea


Soirée Subterranea is a special variety night that will take place in a secret underground chamber.  It follows the resounding success of Soirée In A Cemetery, both part of a series of Soirée events.

Hosted by Mad Abbot Phil Kay and set in a secret underground chamber in zone 2, this event is inspired by the Hellfire Club of Sir Francis Dashwood and the double lives of the 18th Century’s political elite.  Visitors will be ordained into the sacred order of the Monks of Bernaise and immersed in the tawdry brotherhood.  Afterwards they will be invited into the monastery’s mess and will receive the sacraments of Hellfire Stew and Absinthe before descending in to the dark subterranean chamber where the ritual takes place.

The night will also feature acts including Ed Aczel, Rick Jones, Nick Revell, Vincent Figgins, Liberty Hodes, Adam Larter, Michael Brunström and Narin Oz.

Soirée Subterranea
Location: (secret venue in zone 2 – guests will be told on the day)
Date: 29th November
Doors: 6:30 – 8pm (people will be given their time slot to arrive on the day)
Show: 8pm – 10pm
Tickets: £25, include Hellfire Stew and Absynthe cocktails

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