Miss Behave’s Gameshow


by Joanna Orland

Like a pop culture pub quiz on LSD, Miss Behave’s Gameshow is a a sensory overload, trip through nostalgia, fun competitive experience that you will come out of not quite sure of what has just happened.

Taking place in the Spiegltent at London Wonderground on the Southbank, MBGS is potentially the most fun to be had on a Saturday night in London.  Miss Behave acts as compere and gameshow host where the points mean nothing, but the audience takes it very seriously.  The rounds are nonsensical and often based on pop culture reference, for example a live action game of candy crush bore witness to a rather large grown man bodychecking himself against a bag of candy in order to crush it.  Did I mention that the audience takes it very seriously?

While the interactive rounds are fierce competition as the audience is divided into two groups – “iPhone” and “Other”, the treats in between the rounds are even more delightful.  Boasting a lineup of wonderful cabaret acts, the night of September 6th saw the likes of swooning crooner Earl Okin take the stage, much to my friend’s delight as she thoroughly enjoyed his absolutely non-sexual song about mango.  Matt Hennem, aka “that guy with a ball” was also featured on the evening’s lineup as he mesmerized us all with his act of what I guess is considered to be juggling, but is so much more than that.  He mixes dance moves with manipulating what looks to be the Eye of Sauron in a spectacular performance which became the blatant highlight of the evening.

Another highlight of Miss Behave’s Gameshow is Harriet, Miss Behave’s charismatic co-host with moves to die for.  He often upstaged everybody and everything, with the audience chanting “Harriet, Harriet…” on more than one occasion throughout the evening.

There are two more chances to catch this show – September 13th and 20th at London Wonderground.  While it’s really rather hard to explain what it is, it is simple to say how much fun you will have.  Buy your tickets now, or enter our contest to win a pair for the 13th!



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