Will Franken: The Stuff They Put In Sleep

Will Franken: The Stuff They Put In Sleep

by Joanna Orland

Will Franken is a surrealist character comedian with a cult following.  His absurdist character work and sketches wouldn’t be out of place on Saturday Night Live in its more adventurous era of “not ready for prime time players” with elements of Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Will Ferrell and Robin Williams emanating from Will Franken’s personas.

Will’s manic energy drives the show as he rapidly fires through a multitude of characters and sketches all a bit absurd in nature, yet examining real aspects of humanity, filled with cynicism.  This cynicism adds a bit of a dark edge to Will’s material rather than being detracting of the humour or insight the show has to offer.

This dreamlike darkness and absurdity is why Will Franken has yet to break the mainstream, but is also exactly why he has such a devoted following.  His humour works on a different level to the norm as much as Will works at a different pace to the rest of us.

While Will Franken is perhaps not ready for prime time playing, surely SNL should be knocking down his door?


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