In Vogue: Songs by Madonna

In Vogue: Songs by Madonna

by Katharine Fry

Michael Griffiths held the Assembly Checkpoint captive for every second of his journey through the life and songs of Madonna from his piano stool. His adoration of the Queen of Pop is clear, but that doesn’t stop him poking fun at the poverty of her early song lyrics, revelling in her Queen Bitch reputation and exposing the deepest horrors of her film career.

In Vogue’s true magic lies in Griffiths ability to shine a spotlight on Madonna’s gift for lyric writing while weaving each of her songs into the Madonna legend. With material that is so well known, a show like this could risk coming off as a second rate tribute act, but nothing could be further from the truth here. Griffiths is a genius at arranging music and delivers some of pop’s finest tunes in a rich voice, dripping with charm and pizzazz. This an hour of music magic, bursting at the seams with joy and emotion – an absolute must!


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