Simon Feilder: All The Things I’m Not

Simon Feilder All The Things I’m Not

by Ella Jean

All The Things I’m Not was only lacking one thing. Unfortunately that one thing was comedy. Simon Feilder is a comedian with lots of energy, great stage presence and a good eye for detail when it comes to making a one-man show look slick. All The Things I’m Not was a summation of Feilder’s flaws; a self-deprecating look at how uncool, strange, and single he is.

The show’s energy in his introduction sets a high expectation. Edits involve music and well choreographed sequences with a projector. When it comes to being funny, however, Feilder needs to strip away the rest and just spend some more time with a microphone and an audience.

In some ways I’m very glad I saw Feilder. He has a more commanding “look at me!” stage presence than many other performers at the Fringe. It suggests a lot of potential for him, if only he spent more time with the substance of the show and less on the tricks.

Feilder, who has his own YouTube channel, looked like a YouTuber who was pulled onto a stage: He had nothing substantial to talk about, but he packaged it in a nice enough way that drew a full house in. Feilder has an interesting future, if only next time he talked more about what he is, instead of what he’s not.


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