The Ruby Dolls: Fabulous Creatures

The Ruby Dolls: Fabulous Creatures

by Katharine Fry

Fabulous Creatures, in the intimate cabaret setting of the Assembly Checkpoint, is a riotous retelling of Mansfield Parks, with goats. Singing in divine four part harmony, the Dolls are certainly not your average sweethearts as they use Abigail Burdess’ sharply written lyrics to take a swing at the worst of the internet age and the global condition of goats, also known as women.

We follow Fanny as she is forced to enter The Great British Goat Off to score enough Ticks on Fleacebook by getting her udders out, all to win the man she loves in this fun and thought-provoking cabaret musical. While their set-up to the show within seemed a bit drawn out and had me questioning ‘Susie Doll’s’ desire to make everything goaty, Fabulous Creatures in an hour of near note-perfect original writing and music.


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