by Katharine Fry

Nymphonerdiac is a two-hander coming in your face nightly in a dark corner room of Bar 50. Sex-crazed pole dancer Carmen Ali meets Neanderthal Ella Murray in a collision of opposites. Switching leads depending on the night, both women laugh at themselves and their playmates in tales of hideous kinky and pick-ups gone hideously wrong.

Ella is a charming naïve inquisitor, hoping that her knowledge of Neanderthal skulls and anthropological metrics will help her through the newly found world of well-dressed knuckle draggers she has stepped into since leaving a conservative Muslim background. The questions she asks of men’s behaviour speak to a seemingly long forgotten sense of decency while her rationale for their excuses and her pursuits are achingly funny.

Carmen speaks from the other side of the coin. From the audience interaction ice-breakers onwards, she presents as someone who has left no stone of experience unturned. Her set challenges you to like her in spite of not being ‘nice’ in the way a girl ‘should be’. I don’t think she gives a fuck as her material takes you on a rollercoaster ride through her dark fantasies and warm heart. Enjoy with eyes wide open – if you’re 18+.


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