Marcel Lucont Is

Marcel Lucont Is

by Joanna Orland

Marcel Lucont is a Frenchman with a penchant for red wine, bare feet, Gainsbourgian music and irreverent arrogance – Marcel has perfected his persona as a French raconteur.  Observational comedy of British culture from the superior French perspective is Marcel’s platform, and he does it so well that some may not even know that he’s not really French!  In fact, he’s not real at all as Marcel is the alterego of London-based comedian Alexis Dubus who has discovered that slowing down his pace and immersing in a French persona is a winning formula for comedy.  It is a simple idea for a character, but executed to comedic perfection.

Marcel muses on culture and lack thereof in British society, using commentary, poetry, music and silent stares to express his disdain for the mediocre and inferior.  He uses minimal material in his hour-long show and focuses on his delivery which he has perfected.  He will often make a witty and cynical observation about the British and then stare at the audience as though to acknowledge how right he is.  Again, the simplicity of this idea and character is executed to perfection with slow-paced arrogance and disdain.  With so much silent disdain, this is certainly an economic way to write a comedy show.

He not only remarks on the low culture of the British on the whole, but he also berates his own audience – and they love it.  He has them eating out of his hands, giggling at every disdainful stare and insult thrown their way.

In addition to reciting insults directed at the British, Marcel also reads poetry from his books.  Well written and comedically effective, he could do an entire hour of poetry reading and no one would complain.  But then we would be missing out on his other brilliances such as his music.  This man is multi-talented.

The musings, poetry and music are magnifique, but it is his video that asks the question “Pourquoi?” that is the true star of the show.  Pourquoi aptly and hilariously demonstrates Marcel’s concept that the French are culturally and intellectually superior to the British.  Marcel takes to the streets of Paris to ask “Pourquoi?” usually getting profound and lengthy responses.  When on English shores to ask the public “Why?” he is often greeted with grunts and noises that more often than not do not even resemble words.

Marcel is also fantastique at improvisation which he proves through his appearances at Set List improvisational Stand-Up shows, but also as he interacts with his audience.  We were all fortunate to witness a particularly golden moment when an older man got up to leave which Marcel enquired about.  For some reason, the man leaned in towards Marcel and whispered something rather lengthy.  The usually cool Marcel had a gleam of surprise in his typically icy eyes and after a dramatic pause, he said arrogantly to the audience, “You will never know”.  But we already do and it’s that Marcel Lucont is genius through and through.


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